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WRT610N: Disable 6to4

If you have a Linksys WRT610N, you will notice that the router runs 6to4, and announces it over the network.

There are a variety of reasons one might want to disable 6to4.

I should expand on the last point. When the WRT610N is plugged into a IPv6 network; it will obtain an IPv6 address via SLAAC. It will then source 6to4 traffic via its newly acquired IPv6 address. This creates some serious IPv6 breakage on your LAN.

Connected to my WRT610N:

To shut off 6to4, you have to access a hidden page on the router. It took me an hour to find after looking through the source code Linksys provides.

Here’s the kicker. … It’s labeled “Vista Premium.”

To access the menu, http://your_router’s_ip/System.asp. Set Vista Premium to disabled and the router will stop broadcast 6to4.


It will not pass native IPv6 present on the WAN side. Cisco/Linksys == fail with this router!

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